Mini Canvas on Easel 6x6"

6x6 Mini Canvas with Easel

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Mini Canvas on Easel 6x6"

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Online Software Location: Canvas/Mini Canvas
Image Dimensions: Square Full Sheet - Width: 18.54cm, Height: 18.54cm
Allow approx 1.7cm for edge wrapping on each edge
Standard Description: 6x6 Mini Canvas with Easel
Promotion Description: A truly creative way to display your photo. It's a miniature work of art
Colour Choices: Easel - raw timber look
Layout choices: Full wrap
Care Instructions: To remove dust, vacuum gently using a soft brush attachment. DO NOT use water or cleaning fluids
Material Type: Wooden easel. Picture has a canvas front wrapped around wooden frame
Product Dimensions: Canvas - Width: 15cm, Height: 15cm
Weight: 320 grams
Packaging: Bubble Wrapped, in Cardboard outer box.