Canvas Prints & Photo Canvas Prints

Canvas prints are a great way to on sell unique photos to clients, redecorate your office or establishment, or display a gallery of magic moments in your home. Our software will create your canvas print from your digital image and can combine any colour, text, or theme of your choice. Photo Create Business Direct offer a huge range of sizes within each format to suit any need or budget. A canvas print is a very affordable way to create a mood or theme in any internal space and is much cheaper than commissioning an artist to paint what you wanted. Canvas prints have fast become popular, as people are able to achieve and display the desired effect they are looking for. Canvas prints are digitally printed

Producing high quality canvas prints is not as easy as just printing on to a canvas. There are several things that need to be considered first. Firstly canvas prints should be printed using quality technology on high quality canvas stock, using correctly profiled machinery, and the software must ensure that a high quality digital photo is used for each order. Using our canvas printing technology, the majority of photos and images that customers select will produce magnificent canvas prints. Our software will advise if the digital photo selected for your canvas print is of low quality and this will give you the opportunity to select a different photo that will produce a better quality canvas print.

During production, once your canvas print has been printed, the next step is to have it mounted. This is something that should be done by a professional, as the canvas print needs to be stretched and then mounted onto a wooden frame. Doing this properly ensures the canvas print is positioned correctly, within the selected frame, and without any gathering at edges. This entire process is included in the wholesale price from Photo Create Business Direct. Once the canvas print has been produced, it is packaged in protective bubble-wrap, then boxed and dispatched to your delivery address.

The best thing about canvas prints now is that the specialist printing technology, quality stock, and workmanship applied by Photo Create Business Direct deliver outstanding canvas prints giving you a quality finished product. Canvas prints can really make any home, office, or public space look contemporary. So why not consider creating canvas prints with your photos or images for your clients, or for you, when you want to decorate your walls.