Create Your Own Photo Book

In the old days to create printed photo products using photos, text, and imagery we required an investment and commitment to large production runs via traditional printers. Now with most people owning a digital camera the majority of our images are kept electronically and can be used to create your own photo book. If you want to be creative and share your photos and special message via a personalised photo book, and not via a computer screen there are many ways to make your own photo book. Why not make a photo book to on sell, to market your company, as a community fundraiser, or as a gift for your client or staff. Use a personalised photo book to be different, grab attention and be remembered.

A photo book is different to a photo album. The difference is that a photo book is just that, your photos are printed on a page, just like a professional photography book that you would buy from a book store. The book is customised to your specifications using your photos, your text, your imagery plus backgrounds, and all combined to your unique taste. You can even have your own photos on the personalised cover. All photo books are printed on top quality paper and bound professionally to give you that quality photo book. You can order just one or as many as you like.

You can either choose to get your photo book done professionally or use our photo book software on your computer. Using our photo book software really allows you to be creative as it gives you a wide selection of software tools allowing you to customise your own backgrounds, layouts, colours, fonts and more. You can create your own message in a story book by combining text with photos. If you are too busy with life in general or are not that creative, do not worry, you can still make a photo book, simply choose an already created theme, group your photos into the pages and let the photo book software take care of the rest. If you feel some individual pages need to be slightly fixed up before printing, this can easily be done.

Photo books are great for on selling, marketing, or fundraising as you now have a product that combines your digital photos with a special message that can be easily shared as a quality printed photo book. Creating your own photo book is not expensive. Personalised 8x8" soft cover photo books are very affordable starting around $15 wholesale, and the larger personalised 8x11" hard cover photo books are extremely good value starting around $25 wholesale. You can save money using our volume discount pricing structure that applies to all photo books in the range. When you purchase set multiple quantities of the same photo book in the same order your savings increase. 

To get started on your photo book you will need to register as a Member of Photo Create Business Direct. Search our huge photo book range and select the hard cover or soft cover photo book option that suits your needs. Our FAQ and Videos topics also provide you with some great insight and tips for getting started and putting your own photo book together.