Photo Books – The Perfect Way to Pass on Family History

Photo books are great ways to bring the living and dead together. With each marriage and birth of a new baby, another chapter opens on a family’s history. Why not capture it in photos? With the birth of a new baby, you can have the baby centre stage. However, follow the pictures of the baby with those of his parents. Show them as babies and as a happy couple. Take it back a few generations. Photos can show the facial features you share. It can show the happy occasions that families gathered for. They make great places to show family recipes and other mementos. You can make the birth an occasion to mark the passage into a new chapter of the family.

Photo books make great mementos on important family occasions such as a 25th or 50th wedding anniversary. The happy couple has been together for decades more than many modern marriages last. They may have many children and grandchildren there to celebrate. It is an excellent time to bring the entire family together in photos. Show the couple from the time they were children. You can go backwards to their parents and grandparents. Whom do they look the most like? Show photos of their siblings. Do they look like anyone of them? Take it forward. Show the children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. Who looks the most like them? By showing this lineage, you are creating a fantastic picture record of the family.

Photo books are great for family reunions as well. For those interested in their family heritage, collect a bunch of old family photographs. Organize them and give some basic information about the people listed. You can help bring lines of a family together through common ancestors. This gives those who do not know each other well a place to start. You show how they came to be and how their ancestors connected. This makes a great icebreaker at a large family reunion.

Originals of pictures and documents are rare. There are usually only single copies and family members hold them zealously. However, you can share pictures and documents through a photo book. While one member may have the originals, everyone in the family can gaze on their photos in books made from pictures of these mementos. People can pass these books down to future generations as reminders of their family’s history. How can you capture your family’s history today?