Photo Books

If your kids are on school holidays it is always helpful to have something creative for them to do and creating their own photo book is an ideal activity. Adult supervision will be required, but this really allows kids to have fun and create their own memorable photo book.

One great idea for a children’s photo book is 'A day in the life of.....'. This gives children the opportunity to take photos during their day, write little stories and then you both can sit down together and put their photo book together. Not only is it a creative thing for your child but it is really good bonding between children and their parents.

If your child is having trouble learning, why not create an Alphabet photo book together. Simply take a photo of something that starts with the particular letter that your child will remember, have them stand in the photo holding up that particular letter. For example get your child to hold up the letter 'A' while holding an apple in the other hand. Getting your children involved in the whole process is a great learning experience for all as you can be really creative with this type of photo book.

Children can also make a photo book all about them. They can take photos of things they like, them playing sports, food they love and more. Put all these pictures into a photo book and they can use it as a story book for family members or friends.

Other types of photo books that can be created are presents for teachers, presents for grandparents, storytelling, recipe books and more. So if you are feeling creative and want to create something personal, a photo book is the ideal way to go.