Photo Gifts – Which One is Right for Your Family and Friends?

Photo gifts make the perfect presents for family and friends alike. A plain T-shirt says nothing about how special someone is. However, if you personalize it with a picture of the two of you, you have an instant memento of your relationship. You can do the same thing with dozens of other things. You can put pictures on many things you likely never thought of before. You can bring family and friends memories for many years to come. Here are a few ideas to think about.

Let’s start with canvas prints. These photo gifts take your pictures to an entirely new level. You can have that vacation photo put onto canvas for a special memory. It is a great way to remember the fun times together. With the different sizes, you can make your friend’s life easy with wall art sized photos. It also makes great ways to decorate your own home. Who says the gift has to be for someone else? You can make yourself a great gift of memories from vacation or an anniversary party. You can combine many photos into a montage of memories.

Where else can you go with photo gifts? Calendars make wonderful ways to highlight the special photos from the year. You can give these gifts to family in far places. It helps them get a glimpse into your past year as well as keeping in touch with family events this year. Once the year is gone, they can put the calendar away as a keepsake or take the photos off and frame them. With a picture for each of the twelve months, they can select from several.

Photo gifts go in many other directions as well. You can put them on apparel such as T-shirts and aprons. You can make tote bags and backpacks look special. Your winter throw can shine with the face of your child or pet. You can put your face on your dog bowl or vice versa. Does your cell phone need a custom skin? You can put a special photo on it to personalize it for you. Mugs and coasters make excellent presents for many people. Around the Christmas season, personalized photo ornaments are excellent ways to personalize presents. Jewellery with photos makes great gifts year round. Your photos and the right printer can take your next round of gifts to a personal level you never thought possible.